As a Mindset and Transition Coach I help millennial women adapt to career and lifestyle changes.

What the heck does that mean? In the simplest of terms, we will work together to answer that age old question,
"What the F--- am I doing with my life?"

Whether you’re stuck in a rut, ready to make a huge shift or you’re fed up with being laid off, our work will help you create a lifestyle and career that allows you the freedom and financial prosperity you seek. 

Let's work together!

+ Do you want to feel excited about your life, career or business?

+ Are you tired of leaving your life to chance and playing by everyone else’s rules?

+ Do you want to wake up feeling excited, inspired and refreshed each day?

+ Are you ready to push fear aside and embrace what you really want?

+ Do you want to feel confident and empowered when making big decisions and taking action?

Do you want to silence your inner “mean girl” and reconnect with your intuitive side?

+ Are you ready to embrace new challenges, release self-doubt and expand your comfort zone?

+ Are you ready to take responsibility for your future and your role in it?

I have some questions for you:

I'm ready!

Change can be scary. As millennials, we've been dealt some difficult hands throughout our lives — the dot-come bubble, multiple recessions, and now a global pandemic. We want to feel successful in our own lives, but continue to come up against invisible barriers. We’ve put in our time, invested in our education and worked our butts off climbing the corporate ladder only to find that it may have been leaning up against the wrong wall.

These experience leave us feeling:

Life if full of surprises that
will challenge how you move through each day.

+ Frustrated
+ Disappointed
+ Anxious
+ Powerless
+ Incomplete

How unstoppable would you be if you stopped investing in doubt and fear?

Together we'll clear the negative self-talk that is keeping you stuck.

and empowered to successfully navigate whatever challenge life throws your way?

+ Confident

+ Inspired

+ Supported

+ Clear

+ Fulfilled

Are you ready to feel...

by the meaningful and intentional work you do because it aligns with your core values, passions and goals?

because you are doing more of what you love both personally and professionally?

and resilient because you have the resources you need to stay in positive forward motion?

because you are aligned with your values and know what "success" means for you?

+ Helping you develop and grow your self-confidence
+ Brainstorming ways to navigate expected or unexpected life events
+ Holding you accountable to staying in action-oriented forward motion
+ Asking you powerful questions to help you tap into your intuitive side
+ Helping you reprogram your thought patterns and eliminate the negative self-talk that is holding you back
+ Actively listening and holding energetic space during and in between our sessions together
+ Empowering you to redefine what "success" means to you
+ Helping you expand your comfort zone and imagine new possibilities
+ Being your biggest cheerleader every step of the way on your journey toward creating your new reality!

I will support you by:

What's included?

Bi-Weekly Video Calls
This is the fun part! Every 2-weeks we'll meet for 1-hour via Zoom video where we will dive into setting goals and actions geared toward helping you move closer to the reality you want to create for yourself. Each session is customized to your goals, needs, questions, and concerns to ensure that you get the support you most need. See package details below!

Customized Coaching Just for You
You are 100% uniquely you and I believe that there is no one size fits all guide to creating a fulfilling life. This is why each of my coaching sessions are tailored to you, your goals, dreams, and desires based on your personality, mindset and core values.

Email Support Between Sessions
You get unlimited support from me between our calls via email because I know how scary and
challenging it cane be to actively be implementing new mindsets and habits can be. I'm here for you every step of the way to be your cheerleader and tough love accountability buddy to help ensure you're on track to realizing your biggest goals!

Welcome Gift 
I love thoughtful gift giving so keep your eyes peeled during our first weeks working together for a curated package Ill be putting together that is designed to help you get the most out of our time together.

I will provide you with powerful worksheets and journaling prompts designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs, dive deeper into your intuitive side and/or support you in your personal growth journey.

Get started

A good coach can help improve any area of your life,
even something as vulnerable as marriage! Working
with Tonia, will give you the self-confidence and
support you need to achieve your goals!

Tonia leads from the heart by bringing positivity and belief into the coaching relationship. I was nervous to share where I was in my marriage and business at the time. Tonia quickly helped me feel comfortable and by the end of our first session, she helped me create 4 action steps to help me get started on my big goal of feeling loved, cherished and excited about my marriage.

- Devin / San Diego, CA

Having Tonia by my side gave me the courage,
motivation and confidence to launch new products
and become more engaged with my customers.

I'd never worked with a coach before and was nervous to see if it would really help. I was struggling to find direction in my business and overcome imposter syndrome. Tonia helped me shift my thinking and focus on empowering myself to take risks.
I learned how to create a framework to confidently navigate my uncertainty,
acknowledge and honor my emotions, and operate from an abundance mindset.

- Ashleigh / Oakland, CA

Working with Tonia has taught me how to
prioritize my well-being before my work obligations
and fully embrace living in a state of allowance.

Before working with Tonia I was feeling very unmotivated and unfocused in my work and life balance. I said "yes" to coaching because I realized that no successful human does everything alone! I was excited and open to the possibilities of setting goals and seeing how I could conquer them . Having Tonia as my coach helped me feel comforted, focused and uplifted. I look forward to possibly working together again in the future. 

- Corey / Los angeles, CA

Working with Tonia was energizing and effective.
I developed more confidence in my side hustle and owning what I was doing. I even got my first paying
client while we were working together!

I was launching my side hustle and having major overwhelm when I started working with Tonia. I was struggling to find balance in my life while also building confidence in my new business. Our first session was the hardest and the one I needed the most.
It was easy for me to figure out all the things that I didn't want, but Tonia helped me hone in and verbalize the things that I did want and needed in my life.

- Leah / Bremerton, WA

Tonia holds space for people so they can discover
their own gifts and areas that need to be
strengthened while pushing you to dig deep and
become the best version of yourself!

Tonia helped me uncover the negative beliefs and excuses I was feeding myself to procrastinate building and marketing my new skills as a Hypnotherapist. I was feeling stuck and scared of building this new chapter of my life. Tonia's loving and nonjudgemental support and accountability were exactly what I needed to face
my fears and expand my comfort zone to move forward in my new life and career.

- Kami / Las Vegas, NV

I fiercely believe you
deserve to feel excited
and empowered in
your own life.

Are you ready to
play the lead role?

I'm ready!


Life coaching is focused on helping clients set goals and ultimately move closer to the future they want to create. Whereas counseling focuses on helping clients reflect, asses and heal their past experiences to help them better understand why they are where they are in their lives.

The role of a life coach is to provide the right combination of support and accountability to each client based
on their individual goals, needs and desires. It is not the responsibility of the coach to complete any work for
the client. A good coach knows the power and breakthroughs that results when clients stay accountable
to their goals and actions by working through this oftentimes, tough and introspective work.
** I conduct a Complimentary Coaching Consult Call so that we have the opportunity to virtually meet
and ensure that we will be a good fit to work together. During this time I am also happy to discuss
and clarify any questions regarding my coaching packages, requirements and expectations. **

While this does not happen often, there is the potential that we may not be the right fit to work together. There is also the potential that I may recommend a client is better suited working with a counselor or therapist. While this rarely happens, the last thing I want is for a client to feel uncomfortable or stuck working together. If a client has paid the full amount for one of my coaching packages upfront, I'll be more than happy to refund the price of the package minus the session(s) we have completed. If a client is on a payment plan, the remaining monthly payments will be cancelled and the client would only be charged for the session(s) we have completed.

What is life coaching? How is it different from counseling?

Will I accomplish my goals by working with you?

What if we start working together and we are not a good fit?

let's chat!