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We’re all motivated by different things. Whether we recognize it or not, at our core, we are all driven by our beliefs, value systems, and passions. These key factors inform our choices, actions and ultimately, our successes.

I start every potential client relationship with a discovery call. This complimentary call provides an opportunity for me to understand what each individuals’ main motivators are. I shape our discussion to help identify core beliefs and values, what pushes them to the next level, why they want to leave their job, and what is driving them to start their own business, and/or change their lifestyle. During this 60-90 minute session it’s my job to hold space so the individual can feel like their dreams are truly possible! I ask them questions about the goals they’re working towards, and what they’d love to accomplish if we were to work together.

My favorite series of questions are: If you had ZERO fear, what would you want to do? What would you want to accomplish? Who would you want to be? What would you want to experience?

It’s quite common that many of the people I speak with haven’t identified what truly motivates them. I’ve found the answers of these people fall in two categories – 1. They haven’t thought about it in years; 2. Their answers are vague, and it becomes apparent this may be the first time they’ve considered their own motivation. Both instances are incredibly helpful to me, because I know where we need to start as a team.

We are all different in what motivates us. What motivates your partner, parents, best friends, or peers may not motivate you whatsoever. This is why it’s so important to understand the different motivators behind our individual personalities. Through my own research, study and self-discovery, I’ve begun to understand what motivates people, and have gathered the information below as the five most re-occurring motivational identities.

Accomplishment – If you are motivated by competition, you’re also likely to be motivated by recognition. People who seek out activities and create goals that are competitive in nature are known as Type-A personalities. They thrive when a prize or “winning” is on the line. Accomplishers excel in environments that allow them opportunities to shine and prove themselves.

Connection – People who are motivated by connection thrive when they’re part of a group working collaboratively. They love growing their social connections and feeling like they are a part of a bigger movement, even if it’s a small gathering of close friends. Connectors enjoy working together on projects that involve participation and teamwork. They live to foster more meaningful, authentic relationships.

Enlightenment – Remember the statue, “The Thinker?” That’s the Enlightenment driven individual in a nutshell. These individuals are motivated by activities and situations that bring their thoughts inward. For example: yoga, meditation, being in nature, reading. Quiet contemplation often leads this person to reflect on the meaning of life and how they can best live it.

Influence – Those who are motivated by inspiration and influence are the dreamers and doers. Influencers are the people who are motivated by imagining all the possibilities and how they can help lead others to participate and act in a positive way. These individuals require environments and support systems that allow them to be creative and spread their wings to bring movements to life.

Security – Individuals who are motivated by security are focused on attaining stability within their careers, finances, lifestyle. They prefer to structure their day-to-day lives in a way that allows them to feel control over the trajectory of their lives. Security-driven people would not react well to working with those that are impulsive. They need structure and clear objectives in order to move forward.

Did you notice you gravitated toward one or more of the motivation identities? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

To further your exploration into motivation, this exercise can help you begin tuning into your intuition and becoming aware of where your motivational curiosities lie.

Brainstorming time! Take out a sheet of paper and do a “brain dump.” Write anything and everything down that might be a key motivator for you.

    • For example, here are my some of my main motivators:
      • Time and money freedom
      • Doing meaningful work/projects
      • Feel like I’m making a difference
      • Have creative outlets
      • Wearing multiple hats
      • Being location independent


When you read over each of your outlined motivators, ask yourself:

    • Does this motivator make me feel curious?
    • Does it grab my attention?
    • Am I excited or inspired to pursue it?
    • Does it allow me the opportunity to grow?
    • Can I see myself still being passionate about this in the next 30-days, couple of months, 2-5 years?
    • Does this motivator keep me up at night?
    • Am I thinking about it daily, weekly?


Now, look at your original list of main motivators. If you answered, “no” to any of the questions, delete this motivator. After you’ve revised your list and (hopefully) focused on a few, important motivators, ask yourself these questions:

    • Does this motivator align with my core values/motivation style?
    • Are there opportunities for growth?
    • Will I receive enough recognition as a result of achieving this goal?
    • Does it allow me to involve other people and grow my impact?
    • Do I get excited when I share my motivator with others?


Keep going! The more questions you ask yourself, the more focused you will become on what motivates and inspires you. Be careful not to create motivators based on expectations or preconceived notions. This is your life, your career and your future.

If you need help discovering your main motivators, I created this FREE Quiz for you to take! It’s fast, easy and I promise it will be the best 60 seconds of your day.

I’m always here to help! Send me a message and we can schedule a 30-minute Complimentary Consult to dive in and start fact finding together!

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