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These past 45+ days of home quarantine have been the ultimate blur. Last year, when I transitioned from commuting to working from home, I thought I’d completely lost track of the days. Now, with quarantine, that timeline has blurred like never before. I don’t have any poignantly insightful wisdom or lifestyle hacks today. I’m just here to connect with you on an authentic, primal level. We’re all struggling – whether they are big or small conflicts, inward or outward, personal or professional. You’re not alone in your struggle. I’m struggling right along with you.

As a life coach, it’s my job to support my clients on their journey toward self-actualization and the goals they’re working to achieve. However, in times like these that journey can feel overwhelming and unclear. I have trouble focusing on any one thing for too long these days. Just the act of focusing can generate feelings of anxiety. My inner Enneagram 3 “Achiever” tells me to keep creating, building and brainstorming. Essentially, the inner voice pressures me to “make the most of this free time.” Anyone else getting similar messages?

On another level, my higher-self (my intuitive self) is encouraging me to let go and allow myself to feel or not feel in each moment. It encourages me to accept myself just as I am and make space for whatever needs to happen to stay a relatively balanced, happy and calm human being. And, maybe most importantly, to slow down when my mind and body are screaming at me to do so.

Instead of spiraling down into a “woe is me” trap, I back off of the demands of my inner achiever and take a moment to breathe and calm my mind. I ask myself “if you had a choice, how would you spend your time right now?” Not tomorrow, not in the next three hours, not next week, right now, in the moment. I am learning (and struggling) to live in the now and not invest too heavily in losing focus of what my body and mind are telling me, and listening to my heart when I’m feeling called to slow down and reassess.

I recently listened to Brené Brown’s podcast interview with Dr. Marc Brackett on “Permission to Feel” and it confirmed my feelings over the past month and a half. It’s important to investigate your feelings by regularly reconnecting with yourself. Life is too short to shove our feelings under the rug and assume they’ll disappear. While life can and does feel overwhelming at times, my suggestion to you is to not go through these overwhelming periods alone. If you’re struggling with past hurts and emotions and are called to work through them, reach out to a therapist or counselor. Either can help you work through your trauma in a healthy way.

If you’re feeling called to move forward in your life and create a new story for yourself based on personal empowerment and growth, I can help! Together we can create a plan, unique to your needs, to navigate life and the changes we’re all experiencing right now. This is why I love setting up complimentary coaching consultation calls with prospective clients – it gives us a chance to get to know one another, see if we mesh and whether or not we will ultimately be a good fit to work together as client and coach. If you’ve been thinking about working with or a coach or need someone to hold space for you while you learn and grow through life’s unexpected challenges, I’m here for you. Schedule your complimentary Consultation Call and let’s get through this together!

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